The Ocean Calls.


Kodiak Island Charters (KIC) is a family business started out of a love for fishing, the ocean and the outdoors. The primary goal of our business has always been to share that love and passion with others by taking them out on deep-sea fishing excursions. KIC hopes that in just one trip, it can succeed in helping clients gain a further appreciation for nature and even a better understanding of themselves while surrounded by Kodiak’s pristine environment. Like any other business KIC needs to be financially successful in order to thrive and continue. The business is the sole bread and butter for the Fiala family, as well as some of the employees. That being said, KIC makes it a priority to balance expenses while keeping prices fair and affordable for clients as well as maintain a small business sense of care and concern for customers and employees alike.



Kodiak Island Charters was established in 1990  as one component of a hobby industry initiative inspired by Rev. & Mrs. Moon.  It began as an one-man, one-boat operation that −over the past two decades− has grown to include two boats, three captains, and a busy summer and fall season. After 26 years, we continue to operate as one family, providing quality customer service and personal contact with all of our clients, new or returning.